Club Penguin membership generator

Using Club Penguin membership generator (new version 3.2) will generate free membership for Club Penguin game! If you already enjoy this charming online game, you probably know all benefits of membership. If you are just starting to play or thinking about it, you can find out more details about this fantastic game, membership owners and our program in following text.

What is Club Penguin game?

Club Penguin is so called MMO, which stands short for Massive Multiplayer Online game. Designed by New Horizon Interactive (and later bought by Disney company) this magic game creates virtual world in which players lead penguin characters involved in wide range of online games, activities, fun and joy. The game exists since 2005, and the number of players is growing through all these years.  Today Club Penguin has two hundred million users.

What is Club Penguin membership?

The game is free to play; it doesn’t require any payment for making a penguin character and enjoying its vast and colorful content. But for players who want to get some more fun and joy, there is membership option. You can buy membership for one, six or twelve months, with prices ranging from 5$ per one month up to 40$ for full year. The penguins with membership have access to many unique aspects of this wonderful game, among which are:

  • dress up in various clothing, some of which is made exclusively for members
  • get latest fashions, accessories and sport items
  • shop new items  in different catalogues every month
  • collect rare and exclusive party items
  • decorate your igloo
  • have up to 20 pet piffles
  • enter exclusive servers, rooms and parties or members only
  • many additional features which non-members don’t have

But even if you don’t have the money to buy membership, you can still be proud penguin member by using our software and get FREE membership in this wonderful game.

What is Club Penguin membership generator?

Without going into full details, our program (currently version 3.2) generates codes for 1, 6 or 12 months membership. Since Disney Company already has contracts with various companies which give away free codes in return for players doing surveys or downloading various content, our program disguises itself as typical survey program, generating free code and checking online for its availability before it is issued to user. By using this method, provided code is 100% legal and safe to use.  The program can be used indefinitely, meaning you can also generate more codes to share with your friends, buddies and loved ones so they too can enjoy this wonderful game with you!

How to use it?

New 3.2 version of our program is incredibly easy to use. Here are the steps:

  • Download our membership generator
  • Open file by double clicking it.
  • Choose between 1, 6 or 12 months membership and click on appropriate icon
  • Be sure to have your internet connection working, since our program needs 2-3 minutes to check online for code to make it unique and safe to use
  • When code appears in “generate” window just copy it or write it down.
  • Activate game and redeem code you just got
  • Enjoy your new membership and all the benefits you have now!